Espectáculos en el Teatro Häagen-Dazs-Calderón de Madrid

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The Häagen-Dazs-Calderón theatre previously known as Teatro Calderón is a theatre situated in the Calle Atocha, just off Puerta del Sol and not very far from Hotel Victoria4. The theatre was inaugurated in 1917 with a different name, Teatro Odeón, finally it’s been in recent times that the interest of the brand Häagen-Dazs for the culture in Spain has led it to sponsor many plays and productions and the theatre that has become to be known as Häagen-Dazs-Calderón.

However the objectives of the theatre haven’t changed, it is still coming strong with traditional plays as well as productions that are at the forefront of the arts.

A good example of these modern plays is the play by LETSGO, Yllana and Paco León.  They will open the season September 15 at the theater Häagen-Dazs Calderón with “The Hole”, a show that will combine provocative and uninhibited cabaret, circus, burlesque, humor and music.

A major transformation of the space of the theatre will take place this summer. They will be removing all the seats in the courtyard to make it a club-restaurant, in which the viewer will be able to have a drink and have some food with some of the functions Wednesday to Sunday.

Paco León, one of the masterminds of The Hole, said “The show begins when you walk through the door and things start to happen. The general tone of the show will be politically incorrect, and on the theatre recommends that only over 18s attend the show as apparently there will be full nudity on stage.

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