Noches de flamenco en Madrid

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The experts say that Madrid is the world capital of Flamenco. Without any animosity against Andalusia, where this form of art was born, the capital of Spain has the best venues where you will be able to enjoy the Flamenco magic.

Passion, strength, intensity, some happiness at times and some pain at times, these are the basic ingredients of flamenco singing and dancing, an art that has been declared Immaterial Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

In our search for the best Flamenco stages in Madrid we will have to stop at El Rincon de Jerez, a venue situated in Barrio de Salamanca. This place has a distinctive Flamenco atmosphere with a daily show.

Another flamenco temple is El Corral de la Moreria, one of the most famous and old flamenco stages in the world, in Calle Moreria, 17. From 1956 it sells out almost every night because of the prestige of its singers, guitarists and dancers.

You will also be able to enjoy a delicious dinner with good quality dishes, this venue has been mentioned on the Michelin Guide. This venue has also been visited by great cinema stars like Rita Hayworth, Nicole Kidman or Natalie Portman.

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Madrid bajo la lluvia

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Autumn has arrived in the capital of Sapin, the cold and the rain are here to stay, at least for a while. It is high time to put your winter clothes in storage, take out the coats from last year and fish for those raincoats and brollies.

It´s also the moment to start looking for alternative plans for your weekends or those days off. Madrid has many different opportunities for leisure.

There is a very interesting visit that you can embark on during one of those winter rainy days. This trip could start in the Market of San Miguel, a few metres away from Plaza Mayor in the centre of the city.

This singular building, built in 1916 is a good sample of iron construction. Now it is home to 33 market stalls selling high quality food products.

The Market of San Miguel is a place where you can buy real delicatessen products, almost luxury items. It is also a great place for enjoying fantastic tapas and different and tasty dishes that will make any mouth water.

When you leave this spectacular building you can go to the Plaza Mayor, in this square, a meeting place for many different characters of the city, you will be able to hide away from the rain and enjoy the wonderful views of a beautiful part of Madrid.

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Concierto de Los Delinquentes en la sala Joy Eslava

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There is an event in Calle Arenal, 11 in Madrid on 9th of November that you can’t miss, the band Los Delinquentes will play in Joy Eslava. This gig is scheduled to start at 9pm and ticket prices are 20 Euros.

This will be a historical event because this rock band will entertain the audience with music in a multimedia soirée that will also have video projections with images of their past. In this way the audience will be able to enjoy the first images recorded of Miguel Benitez, Canijo, Diego Pozo and the Banda del Raton.

This band from Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) will play songs from their debut album, El Sentimiento Garrapatero que nos Traen las Flores (The Good Feeling when They Give us Flowers), published in 2001.

They will also introduce songs from their latest work Los Hombres de las Praderas y sus Bordones Calientes, (The Men from the Countryside and their Hot Sounds) with the collaboration of Tomasito.

This band that came together in 1999 is original and different because of its fusion of styles. In their work they blend flamenco, rumba, rock and reggae.

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El Museo del Atlético de Madrid en el Vicente Calderón

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The Vicente Calderon Stadium has a surprise inside for all football fans, its museum. This valuable exhibition is considered one of the five most important and prestigious in the world of football because of the quantity and quality of the pieces kept in it.

The museum is open for visits from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 7pm. The ticket price is 6 Euros, but if you want you can also pay for a guided tour of the stadium and in this case the full price is 10 Euros.

The museum takes up 600 m2 of space and it represents the history of the whole life of this football team. In the room called “100 of red and white pride” you can find all the different T-shirts models that the footballers in this club have worn during its life, from the old-fashioned design of the first uniforms to the current and more modern one.

The most visited area is the glass displays with all the prizes and cups won by the Atletico de Madrid from its creation on 26th April 1903 thanks to the efforts of a group of Basque students up to now.

Don’t miss either the spectacular collection of boots and footballs.

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“Roma”, en el Museo del Prado

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The Prado Museum in Madrid will show up to the 25th of September the exhibition called “Rome”, Roma. This exhibition has brought to one place all the works produced in the Italian capital during the first years of the 17th century.

The Prado Museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, including bank holidays, from 9am till 8pm.

The ticket price is 8 Euros, with reduced prices for students and over 65s at 4 Euros.

Roman classism as a tendency was born to finish with the overelaborate style of the Barroque and its way of understanding art. For this new artistic current nature was the starting point for creation, the source of beauty, following the concepts inherited from Classical Greece.

Some of the most important authors that followed this current were Annibale Carracci, Poussin, Paurl Brill and Claudio de Lorena, among many others, even though they did not manage to achieve international recognition.

The main representative artist of this movement in Spain was painter Juan Bautista Maino, whose work we can enjoy in the Prado Museum including the piece La Magdalena Penitente.

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Sôber estará en el Festival En Vivo 2011

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The band from Madrid Sober is back. The band surprised its fans with the release of their single Fantasma, the first instalment of their new record Superbia that will be released in 2012.

The band has also confirmed that it will take part in the En Vivo 2011 festival, the great musical event that will happen during the 8, 9 and 10 September 2011 in the Getafe Open Air space in Madrid.

The price for the whole event pass to be able to listen to all the best music of the national and international scene is 32 Euros.

After 18 years of history, the members of Sober have managed to produce mature rock in Superbia. It has been widely accepted, with more than 50,000 visits to their site in just a week.

With Carlos Escobedo’s peculiar voice, supported by Antonio Bernardini and Jorge Escobedo on the guitar and Manu Reyes on the drums, this band uses strong sounds, with lyrics full of deep meaning.

The audience of En Vivo 2011 will also be able to listen to Mago de Oz, Rosendo, Los Suaves, Tonino Carotone, Mojinos Escozios, Celtas Cortos, Kiko Veneno, La Fuga, Sho Hai (Verse Rapists) and the great attraction, The Offspring.

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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out en Madrid

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It is the evening of fashion par excellence. The Moon will be introducing the latest designs and shopaholics will be able to enjoy their favourite shops until midnight. That is Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, that will be in Madrid on the 7th September 2011, coming strong with their past success.

More than 340 shops will take part in the event this year. Each shop will organize defferent and original activities to attract as much audience as possible. This event will happen at international scale as Vogue is organizing it simultaneously in seven of the biggest cities on the planet.

The shopping night, VFNO, will have big attractions to maintain the magic and the glamour of the event.

Items of clothing and presents will be given away as prices in different areas of the event. Others will prefer to offer wine or food tasting experiences, and the most daring shops will sell limited editions of dresses or complements only during that evening and at really attractive prices.

The shopping festival will take place in three areas of Madrid that are important in fashion terms: barrio de Salamanca, Fuencarral-Triball and Las Salesas. Customers will be able to find very interesting discounts in all the participating shops.

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La Vuelta Ciclista a España llega al Jarama y termina en Cibeles

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Sunday September 11, 2011, is the “D” day. It is a key date for cycling lovers, because the Tour of Spain will end in Madrid, where fans will be able to meet the 66th winner.

But also, in this twenty-first and last part of the tour, the so called “serpiente multicolour” the “multicolour serpent” will start its route from the well-known Jarama Circuit on the outskirts of Madrid.

The cyclists will start the race from the speed circuit of the RACE, this will be the special mark for this last part of the race that traditionally is viewed as an homage to the winner and all his team.

In Madrid, the cyclists will go around a circuit around Paseo de la Castellana, Gran Vía and Paseo del Prado 10 times. The first lap will be, as it is already tradition in cycling, a triumphal parade for the leader and prospective winner, surrounded by all his team.

But after crossing the line for the first time, the war for one of the last victories in this Vuelta a España will start. At the end of it all the sprinters will be able to show off in Plaza de Cibeles.

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Vetusta Morla tocará en las Fiestas de Valdemoro 2011

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The 2011 Madrid Festival in the suburb of Valdemoro will open with a top band, Vetusta Morla. This independent pop-rock bands will perform in the town’s football stadium on Friday, September 9 at 12 am. The ticket price is 10 Euros.

The members of the band Vetusta Morla have been playing for 13 years, since they decided to work in music in 1998 when they were still studying in secondary school in Tres Cantos. Since then, they have found thousands of fans that they attracted with their first album, Un día en el mundo, a day in the world, released in 2008.


They received four UFI awards and three Music awards for the quality of their songs. Now the band has just released its second album, Mapas, composed and recorded after a long tour around Argentina and Mexico.


In this six man band are Pucho, supported by Jorge González, Juan Manuel Latorre, David García “El Indio”, Alejandro Notario and Guillermo Galván.


The name they gave to the band comes from the old but intelligent turtle that appeared i nthe book The NeverEnding Story by Michel Ende.

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De marcha por la Plaza de Santa Ana

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Plaza de Santa Ana is one of the most famous squares when it comes to night life in Madrid. A few minutes walk from Puerta del Sol and a short stroll from Hotel Victoria4, you will be able to enjoy the different night life experiences that offers Plaza de Santa Ana.

In this square there is something for everybody, for those who like quite evenings as well as those who enjoy dancing to loud music. 

The evening starts as early as 7pm, when most of the clubs and bars start opening for the night crowd. The more general bars stay open all day, for instance the well-known Cervecería Alemana (German Beergarden) works as an everyday tapas bar, so it opens about 10am and closes late at night. There are a couple of tapas bars on the same side of the square as Cervecería Alemana, as well as on the opposite side. These are places where you can enjoy a good atmosphere, having good food and nice wine or beer and still be able to chat to your friends.

On one of the sides of Santa Ana, you will see a green frontage that looks taken out of a tropical paradise, this is Mauna Loa or commonly known as “el Hawaiiano” or “the Hawaiian cocktail bar. 

Just off Santa Ana in Calle del Principe you will find more music and dance pubs that tend to open just at 7 and stay open till late. These are very popular venues for young people, where you will be introduced to the latest Spanish pop hits.

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