Five places to discover in Madrid

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1) Malasaña

Malasaña is one of Madrid’s most characterful and gentrified districts. It has plenty of cool shops and cafés that sell cupcakes but it still preserves its “naughty” feel from the past. You can find quite a few of them on Calle Velarde, the street where the singer Alaska opened her legendary pub La Vía Láctea, next to second-hand shops that still preserve the district’s 80s spirit. Plaza Dos de Mayo is also one you shouldn’t miss, with its famous bar terraces and the café called Pepe Botella, a favourite among literary and intellectual figures. Make sure you also visit the bookshop Tipos Infames or the new San Ildefonso market, on Calle Fuencarral, 57.

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Traditional dishes you must try

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callos madrileñaCities are discovered through food. We are what we eat. That is why it’s good to know and try Madrid’s traditional specialities to really discover what the city is about. One of its most traditional foods is the bocadillo de calamares, the deep-fried squid sandwich. This classic sandwich is at its best in El Brillante, which you can get to through the square of the Reina Sofía Museum or through the other side, next to the Carlos V roundabout. It may seem like a dry dish but this could not be further from the truth. With a bit of mayonnaise, this sandwich not suitable for those counting their calories goes down a treat, especially with a beer.

Another famous local dish, although not suitable for those on a low budget, are the callos (beef tripe) at Lhardy, which is just a few hundred yards from our hotel on Puerta del Sol. Founded in 1839, it is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. Inside you can find abundant Rococo decoration, worthy of a novel of Pérez Galdós, waiters dressed like they used to back in the day and a dish of callos costing approximately 30 euros. You are paying more for the experience than the food, although the callos are still delicious.

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Churros and a cup of thick hot chocolate

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In Madrid, both churros and porras (the larger version of the churro, the famous deep-fried dough sticks) are a regular feature for breakfast. They are especially good when you have them with a cup of hot chocolate, although not all locals feel that it is mandatory. It is, however, for bars like La Austríaca, on Calle San Onofre, 3, (perpendicular to Fuencarral), where they serve the best value-for-money hot chocolate in the whole of Madrid. They serve you a full cup of it in its thick and creamy greatness. Make sure you try it.

A five-minute walk from there, in a more chic and sophisticated atmosphere, is Cacao Sampaka, which will fulfil the expectations of all chocolate lovers in any of its shapes or forms. In the shop, they sell many different kinds of cocoa in modern, clean and attractive wrappings that bring even more elegance to this adult pleasure. However, make sure you try its hot chocolate, either the Classic or the Azteco, the latter with a slight bitter twist, accompanied by some exquisite pastries. Find it on Calle Orellana, 4.

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The best movies of all time at La Filmoteca

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It is a much beloved building, a peculiar one, located on Calle Santa Isabel, one of the liveliest ones with permission from the nearby ones of Calle León and Calle Antón Martín. It also has a bar inside and a store inside that sells movie items. Also known as Cine Doré, La Filmoteca of Madrid is much more than just a cinema. It is a luxury that everyone should enjoy very close to our hotel in the centre of Madrid.

Aside from the film Festival, that takes place this year from the 3rd until the 5th of November, with all the usual discounts and promotions, you could say that every day is a film festival at La Filmoteca, thanks to its tickets for 2.50 euros and its highly interesting programme. However, one should avoid the prejudice that it only screens cult movies for hipsters, since they also have movies for the general public, such as Back to the Future II, on October 24th at 5.30pm; or films that won Goya awards such as No todo es vigilia, a Spanish-Colombian documentary about the drama of being an old man without resources to pay for a home. It will be screened on Saturday October 31st at 9.30pm.

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The American way of eating: the best hot dogs and hamburgers

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burger hot dog madridThe hot dog has always been in the shadows of the hamburger. Let’s dedicate it a few privileged paragraphs and a few recommendations to make amends for that small injustice. One of them is Feltman’s Hot Dogs (Calle Sevilla, 2 – very close to our hotel in central Madrid), which they say serves the authentic hot dog, with German sausage smoked in especially selected beech tree wood and daily homemade buns that are served hot.

It is a care for details and elaboration that translates into what they call gourmet hot dog. They also make outstanding cakes and the sauces that they complement the hot dogs with. Prices are affordable. Also write down Estocolmo (Calle de la Palma, 72) or Perrito Faldero (Calle San Lorenzo, 9(, where they serve giant hot dogs with special touches, such as their curry ketchup, in a cosy and modern atmosphere in the heart of Malasaña.

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How did Neanderthals live?

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Valle de los Neandertales

If you fancy trying something different outside Madrid, we suggest a day trip to Pinilla del Valle, a place of great natural interest in the heart of the valley of Lozoya, which has a new element of interest since last September 26th: the Valley of Neanderthals, an archaeological park that aspires to be a reference in the diffusion of prehistoric life after the findings that emerged in excavations carried out in the last few decades.

For 200,000 years, this area was occupied uninterruptedly by human settlements, part of which was ‘Lozoya’, a girl whose remains were recently discovered, remains that date from 40,000 years ago in this ancient soil. Don’t miss out on the free guided tours that will take place until January 2016, which you can go on by filling in this booking form.

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The funniest side of science

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Museo Ciencias NaturalesMake the most of your stay in our hotel in the centre of Madrid and discover some of the most stimulating scientific museums in the Spanish capital, a great activity for the whole family. These are not all of them but rather a small selection for you to plan your visit around.

The National Natural Science Museum will allow you to see different animal and plant species up close, with a permanent collection that goes back to its inauguration in 1711, showing all the wealth of the heritage and diversity of its natural environment. It also has temporary exhibits such as ‘Falconry, Cultural Heritage and Science’, which focuses on the fascinating technique of hunting wild animals with birds of prey especially trained for it. The museum is located on Calle José Abascal, 2, and tickets are 7 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Closed on Mondays.

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There is never too much beer

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cerveza madrid

Summer is the best time for beer. In Madrid, you can enjoy it on many bar terraces but here are some options that go a bit further than just a beer with some crisps.

At El Pedal, on the lively street Calle Argumosa (number 33), very close to the Reina Sofía Museum, they specialise in craft beer of the highest quality, a real pleasure when it gets hot. They have five different taps, whose varieties are combined with different Spanish beers and some excellent German imports. They also have a tapas menu on the side.

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Enjoy the best karaokes

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karaoke“What will happen? What stories will take place? It may be my great night…”. This chorus by the famous Spanish singer Raphael is one of the most popular songs in one of Madrid’s most popular karaoke bars, Máster Plató (although everyone knows it as “the karaoke of Mostenses”, since it is located on Plaza Mostenses). It is a slightly complicated location with a somewhat unglamourous access (the ground floor of a car park), although it is a fun place to go to and you are likely to bump into a celebrity every now and then.

Its central location, at the end of Gran Vía next to Plaza de España, and its tacky and kitsch atmosphere makes it a favourite for those who enjoy something a little bit funky. However, careful with the drinks you order since most of them are bottom-shelf spirits, so stick to the beer. Also, it is best to go during the week, since it’s hard to get hold of the microphone on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed from the 16th to the 24th of August.

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The best salads in Madrid

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ensaladaSummer is time for light food, like gazpacho, salads and fruit. Where can you eat them? You can start at Gust Madrid, a place that calls itself a “Salad Bar”. Decorated in a cosy way, at Gust Madrid they offer salads consecutively after short periods of time and you can dish one out as you please. The place is bright and pleasant, especially the particularly nice room at the end of the corridor. They have a gourmet breakfast for 5 euros, a lunchtime menu for 11 euros and brunch starting at 13 euros. Find it at Calle Génova, 5 (metro stops Alonso Martínez and Colón).

If you like open buffets, Fresc Co is a great option if you would like to eat plenty of fresh products. They have an enormous bar with plenty of vegetables for you to eat as many as you like and then another bar with main dishes such as chicken, pizza, pasta… It is an ideal place to have a break while you walk around the city, offering an open-buffet menu for just over 10 euros. It is on Calle de las Fuentes, 12 (metro Ópera).

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