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Madrid Metro

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It offered its first underground services in 1919, when King Alfonso XIII inaugurated the first line that went from Cuatro Caminos to Sol, with Chamberí station -of which we will talk about later on- in the middle of the line. With these new infrastructures, Madrid was now a European city in its full right, with the works on the Gran Vía in full flow initiated nine years before and the vocation of leaving aside that appearance of ‘Castilian town’, paraphrasing the members of the literary Generation of ‘98. In neighbouring Portugal, the first lines of the metro in Lisbon were inaugurated in 1959 while the underground in Rome began to work in 1930. In Paris, the first line of the Métropolitain opened in 1900, built for the Olympic Games of that same year.

During the Spanish Civil War, the metro stations became common refuges  for the people of Madrid to keep safe from the bombings of the aviation of General Franco and his German and Italian. read full article

Shopping in Madrid from Hotel Victoria 4

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One of the pleasures of travelling is ‘hunting’ for those unique items that are exclusive from the place we find ourselves in, small trophies with which we can surprise our loved ones when we go back home or that we can treasure in our own home as travelling souvenirs.

If you have chosen to stay in our hotel, it’s very easy to go shopping in Madrid because some of the most original and oldest shops of the city are located in the area of Sol due to its unique history and central location.

Below are some of those shops that you can find in Sol, where you can buy traditional gifts from Madrid without having to walk further than 15 minutes from our hotel: read full article

(Español) La Calle de la Cabeza en Madrid

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(Español) Doña Manolita, el clásico de la fortuna en Madrid

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(Español) Un lugar donde meditar: El Retiro

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(Español) Una excursión al Museo del Ejército en Toledo

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(Español) El Museo Naval de Madrid

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Las más prestigiosas pastelerías de Madrid

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El Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

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Las mejores heladerías de Madrid

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