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Shopping in Madrid

Our location, right beside Puerta del Sol, makes Victoria 4 one of the best hotels in Madrid for shopping. We are located just a few metres away from the main commercial area of Preciados and Sol, so we can reach some of the most renowned shops and department stores in the area just in a few minutes. But, apart from that area, in Madrid we have some other relevant shopping neighbours.

Carmen & Preciados Street

Carmen and Preciados are two of the better known areas in the Puerta del Sol commercial district, undoubtedly the traditional hearth of the shopping life in the city. Mostly, Preciados Street is the main symbol for shopping areas in downtown Madrid. Its main part, a pedestrian area going from Puerta del Sol to Callao Square, can be incredibly crowded during the traditional shopping seasons in the city -as Christmas or seasonal sales seasons-, giving Puerta del Sol area a permanent lively atmosphere. Around Puerta del Sol we find mostly department stores -El Corte Ingles is the most important among them- and shops for the main international fashion brands.

Gran Via

  • Gran Via has always been the main avenue for cinemas and theaters in Madrid. Lately, a broad range of musical shows have also joined the cultural proposals in the area, making Gran Via a modest local version of Broadway. Apart from that, Gran Via has also been a street with a long shopping tradition, that has even increased recently, when some old cinemas closed and reopened as brand new huge shops for main fashion brands. Gran Via is located very close from Sol and around 10 minutes by foot from our hotel and its shopping offer consists mostly on fashion shops. But not only, as two of the most important book and music stores -as Casa del Libro and FNAC- are also located in the area.

Fuencarral Street

  • Madrid’s fashion street, in the most literal sense. All types of clothes shops, generally of lesser-known brands, but rather more urban, artisan and original. Buy and dance to the rhythm of the locals and take a walk along its pedestrian area. The main spot in Madrid for youth and alternative fashion, located very close to the young neighborhoods of Malasana and Chueca, having the trendy Mercado de Fuencarral as the main shopping reference in the area. Apart from that, some other areas close from Fuencarral Street have been absolutely renewed and became a nice area where cute small shops and bars have recently opened.

El Rastro

  • El Rastro is more than a shopping area in Madrid. It’s a pretty nice touristic spot by itself. Every Sunday morning, in an area surrounded by Embajadores, Puerta de Toledo and La Latina neighborhoods, hundreds of street vendors show their merchandise to the visitors. From clothing to handcrafts, including electronics, paintings, records or even small antiques shops where you can find some treasures hidden between piles of old and vintage stuff. We can reach el Rastro from our hotel in a comfortable 15 minutes walk.

Ortega y Gasset and Serrano Street

  • The ‘Golden Mile’ in Madrid. Two of the most expensive streets in Spain, hosting luxury shops and brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss or Cartier. Serrano is famous as the main sport for luxury shopping in Madrid and counts with some of the most classy shops in town. High-end fashion or renowned jewelry shops are common in this area. Not that popular, but also pretty fancy and posh, Ortega y Gasset Street counts also on quite many fashion and home styling luxury shops. Its crossing with Serrano is a quite popular spot and both street’s relevance have also made important some other secondary streets in the area -like Lagasca, Jorge Juan o Claudio Coello-, where in recent times have flourished several small and elegant shops for clothing and fashion accessories.