El Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

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If we admit that football is the religion of the 21st century, then we will have to considerthe Santiago Bernabéu Stadium as an international temple and a real symbol for the city of Madrid. It’s one of the best selling points of the Spanish capital.

The mythical Real Madrid Football Club stadium was inaugurated on 14th December 1947. Even though originally it was named Nuevo Chamartín, until 1995 when the members decided to name it after the person who had the idea of having a new stadium, Don Santiago Bernabeu, the player, trainer and then president of the Real Madrid.

The symbol of Real Madrid football has space for 80,000 people. It’s slightly smaller now, as they decided to make more space so the fans were more confortable.

The white team offers guided tours of all the stadium, it starts at the top, continues in the VIP area the field and the changing rooms. After the changing rooms the tour moves to the Trophy Room, where are all the prizes won by the Real Madrid throughout its life. The visit ends in the shop, where visitors can buy souvenirs.

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