Un hotel cerca de la mejor chocolatería madrileña

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Spain is well known for its love of drinking chocolate, this is no ordinary chocolate drink though, they say that the ideal hot drink has to be so thick that you can leave a tea-spoon standing in the middle without having to hold it.

Madrid has a cafe that will make the day for any chocaholic, it is the famous Chocolatería San Ginés, in Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5 at a stone throw of the Hotel Victoria 4.

This popular venue is always busy in the evenings, frequented both by locals and tourists who come here to enjoy its notorious chocolate con churros. Churros are cakes made of fried dough, they are savoury but people normally sprinkle sugar on them or just dunk them in the chocolate. Churros are slim and folded over in the shape of a bow, while porras are exactly the same but fatter and served as a long stick.

Eating this as a snack or afternoon tea (merienda) after a long day walking around the city, will help you replesnish your depleted energy and put a smile on your face.

Not far from Hotel Victoria there is another famous spot for those with a sweet-tooth, a cafe-cake shop in Plaza del Sol. This shop is called la Mallorquina, and it is famous for selling both eat-in and take away typical cakes from the Balearic Islands, ensaimadas. Although a bit far from their original home, these cakes are so loved by everybody that they managed to make their way to Madrid.

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