Las fuentes y el fútbol en Madrid

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Hotel Victoria is near two of the most iconic fountains in the city. The first one is the Fountain of Neptune, or most commonly known for the locals as Neptuno. The god of the seas stand proudly in the middle of this fountain in Plaza de Canovas del Castillo. You may have seen this statue in many of the tourist guides and brochures published about Madrid, however, Neptuno is perhaps best known in the city as the fountain of the Atlético de Madrid Football Team, this is where the football fans come to celebrate when their team wins a trophy.

Not far from Neptuno is the other iconic fountain, commonly known as la Cibeles. Cibeles is also a goddess riding in her chariot pulled by two stately lions. Although nowadays the fountain is a just a monument and its water feature only fulfills a mere decorative function, in its beginning the fountain was used as a supply of water for the people of Madrid who still didn’t have running water.

At the beginning of the  80s the fountain became the place of celebration for the fans of the Real Madrid Football Team. With every new trophy the crowd would grow larger, people started climbing on the statue and a couple of times one of the hands went missing. The local council has ended up by banning fans from climbing on it, and currently only the current captain of the Real Madrid is allowed to go on it after a great victory to place a football scarf with the colours of his team around the neck of the goddess.

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