El Paseo de la Fama en Madrid

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If you like cinema and you are planning a visit to Madrid, you are in luck. In a few days, Madrid will have its own Hollywood style walk of fame, with stars on the pavement and all. The 27th of June is the date 25 lucky Spanish cinema stars have in their diaries. That day at 7pm 25 selected actors and actresses will leave their indelible prints on the pavement of Calle Martín de los Heros.

Martín de los Heros is not far from Hotel Victoria4, only about 10 minutes on food from Sol. The choice of venue for the Spanish walk of fame is obvious when we consider the central location and the relevance of this street as a cinematic area, with two cinemas, Renoir and Golem, that are well known for their original version shows and their independent movies.

Across the street from these two cinemas there is also an Aladdin’s cave for cinema lovers, a shop full of cinema books and memorabilia, Libreria Ocho y Medio.

The number of stars chosen to start off the walk of fame is 25, because 25 is the number of years the Spanish Academy of Cinema, la Academia del Cine, has existed. The names of the artists are a zealously kept secret, that will only be revealed on the day of the grand opening. So, if you are staying in the Hotel Victoria4 around those dates, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Calle de las Estrellas, the Stars’ Street, in Calle Martín de los Heros, off Gran Vía.

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