El Teatro Guindalera estrena “El Pabellón”

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Guindalera Theatre in Madrid will host the play  El Pabellón, (The Pavilion), a play written by the playwright Craig Wright, known for internationally known series such as Lost.

With Yolanda Robles taking the director’s seat, the story tells us Peter’s excitement with the prospect of meeting the girl he had a crush on in high-school 20 years earlier. However the story has an unexpected twist, Kari, the main feminine character, had to leave after she got pregnant by Peter, because he didn’t want to know anything of the baby, so she had to end up taking care of the baby by herself.

El Pabellón is a romantic comedy that helps the audience to think about the past, lost opportunities and crossroads where we made key decisions in our lives. This makes of the play also a philosophical piece.

The American Theatre Critic’s Association nominated it for best play, it also received great reviews in the US and the Desk Award.

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