“Idiotas románticos” en el Teatro Arenal

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Lucía Franco and Rodrigo Chiclana and the actors that incarnate the main characters in Idiotas románticos (Romantic Idiots) the theatre play that will be performed in Teatro Arenal de Madrid. The ticket price is 12 Euros.

Idiotas románticos is a vaudeville, a crazy story full of humour, sometimes intelligent, sometimes really absurd. The play follows the steps of the crazy style of the Marx Brothers of the Monty Pythons.

The play lasts about 75 minutes, during which they present us with a comedy note the always complicated relations between men and women.

Rich Orloff is the author, and this particular play is performed by 2inconscientes Compañía Teatral. Orloff is an adopted New York writer, who specializes in tales and short stories in which he introduces real world situations.

In this play, Orloff asks himself why we behave in certain ways, following some fixed patterns that determine our behaviour, and this is true for women and men. The answers come by the hand of Rodrigo Chiclana and Lucía Franco, who are the actors and directors. They perform with a great chemical relationship on stage and they do know how to get you into the play.

Idiotas románticos is an invitation to laugh, to get acquainted with laugh therapy.

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