El típico cocido madrileño

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The typical Spanish dish is called cocido, that translate something like “boiled”. It is in fact a boiled mix of potatoes, chickpeas, meat and lard. Not your typical high cuisine gourmet dish, but it is a dish with a long tradition in Spain, and it is very delicious once you try it. This dish is served in two courses, the first one is a light broth with pasta, followed by a plate with potatoes, chick peas the meat and the lard.

One of the best cocidos is served in Restaurante la Bola, in Calle Bola 5. This restaurant open at the beginning of the 19th century. It started offering cocido in an individual clay pot and cooked on a coal stove. Today La Bola features wooden benches and a decoration of older times that contribute to its wonderful atmosphere. Today, it still prepares cocido in clay pots, and also offers callos, a local specialty made of spicy beef tripes, and roast lamb. They also have a big selection of wines and home-made desserts.

Casa Carola in Padilla 54 is a mix of the modern and the traditional. At lunch time they serve traditional cocido and in the evenings their motto is “sharing” so all the dishes are served in platters for sharing with traditional food and some more modern bits.

Malacatín in Ruda 5, in the area of la Latina, is the king of cocido madrileño, Madrilian cocido. Their other specialty is custard. The restaurant is decorated in very Spanish motives with bullfighting posters and old posters.

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