Fandango para Traviata en el Teatro Fernán Gómez

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Fandango is a typical Spanish style of dance, usually accompanied by guitar, castanets and hand clapping. It originated in the southern region of Andalusia, and as with all the flamenco styles the rhythm and the music brings memories of Moroccan and north African styles.

This July from the 6th till the 17th, those lucky tourists who will be in Madrid, have the chance to see a great show by Salvador de Tavola, an opera that using fragments of Verdi’s work and with Fandango influences, tells the story of two lovers. These two are are a courtesan and rich man.

This piece is a real work of art for all of those who love fandango, with its deep cries of sorrow and all of that feeling that gets conveyed in the music, the dance and the songs.

Salvador Távora is theatre actor and director that is best known for his efforts to bring outdate the world of flamenco, more like adapting flamenco to the modern taste.

The theatre chosen to show this wonderful opera ins Teatro Fernán Gómez, known formerly as Centro Cultural de la Villa. It is situated just under the Plaza de Colón, very close to the city centre and with very good underground and bus connections.

The ticket price is 25 Euros and only 20 Euros on the “Día del Espectador”, Wednesdays. The Teatro Fernán Gómez is an art and cultural centre, besides the theatre shows they usually have different art exhibitions an an arts café. So, why not visiting the theatre and seeing if there is something interesting to see?

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