De marcha por la Plaza de Santa Ana

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Plaza de Santa Ana is one of the most famous squares when it comes to night life in Madrid. A few minutes walk from Puerta del Sol and a short stroll from Hotel Victoria4, you will be able to enjoy the different night life experiences that offers Plaza de Santa Ana.

In this square there is something for everybody, for those who like quite evenings as well as those who enjoy dancing to loud music. 

The evening starts as early as 7pm, when most of the clubs and bars start opening for the night crowd. The more general bars stay open all day, for instance the well-known Cervecería Alemana (German Beergarden) works as an everyday tapas bar, so it opens about 10am and closes late at night. There are a couple of tapas bars on the same side of the square as Cervecería Alemana, as well as on the opposite side. These are places where you can enjoy a good atmosphere, having good food and nice wine or beer and still be able to chat to your friends.

On one of the sides of Santa Ana, you will see a green frontage that looks taken out of a tropical paradise, this is Mauna Loa or commonly known as “el Hawaiiano” or “the Hawaiian cocktail bar. 

Just off Santa Ana in Calle del Principe you will find more music and dance pubs that tend to open just at 7 and stay open till late. These are very popular venues for young people, where you will be introduced to the latest Spanish pop hits.

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