El Museo Naval de Madrid

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Being Madrid an inland city, one would not expect to find a Naval Museum in it, but fortunately, Madrid has one of the best in Europe.

The museum is in the centre of Madrid, in Paseo del Prado, 5, very close to Puerta del Sol and a short walk away from Hotel Victoria4. The Museo Naval or Naval Museum is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Defense and it was set up to promote the research and study into the naval history of Spain.

The museum is situated in Paseo del Prado, which some call the street of museums because there are other three museums in the same road,Prado Museum, Thyssen Museum and CaixaForum, the art gallery sponsored by the charitable financial institution Caixa. At the bottom of Paseo del Prado, in a quite square off the main road, you can enjoy the greatest modern art in the Museo de Arte Moderno Reina Sofia.


In the Naval Museum you can expect to find the weapons and implements used on naval warfare as well as all the uniforms and tools typical of the Spanish naval force. However, this is not all you will find here, there is also a great collection of paintings. The art collection at the Naval Museum is inspired, of course, in one common topic sea and sea warfare.

The pictorial collection at the Naval Museum illustrates Spanish naval history and its battles from the 16th century till the 19th century.

The collection also included medals and coins used throughout the history of the Spanish naval force.

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