El plato típico de Madrid, el cocido

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Every city and town in the world can boast about a traditional specialty or dish that they are particularly proud about. In the case of Madrid, it is “cocido”, which translates something like “boiled”. It is the Spanish version of the old European broth with boiled vegetables and meat that is the base of so many country’s winter staple meals. However, cocido is something special!

There are many restaurants in the city that specialize in the real cocido Madrileño or Madrilian cocido. However, be warned that cocido has an acquired taste, and it’s not for everybody’s taste. A cocido meal basically consists of a broth with pasta, the broth is the result of boiling chickpeas, potatoes, meat, bones and a chunk of pork’s fat. The main course is a plate with the chickpeas, potatoes, meat and fat.

One of the most famous cocido restaurants in town is Taberna la Bola in Calle Bola, 5in Metro Santo Domingo. This restaurant has been serving cocido in clay pots for over 200 years. The decoration is also a must-see, old wooden tables complete the effect of this wonderful traditional restaurant.

Casa Carola in Calle Padilla, 54, Metro Lista, is another great restaurant for cocido. They serve it at lunch time, and in the evenings you can enjoy big platters of typical Spanish food to share.

Casa Jacinto in Calle del Reloj, 20 is quite central just off Plaza de España Metro station. In this restaurant you will find a short but strongly traditional menu that includes cocido as well as other very typical Spanish dishes.

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