Las mejores tortillas de Madrid

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tortilla patatasWhat would it be of Spanish cuisine without its famous omelettes? We have no idea but in any case we would survive, just like we did until well into the 16th century, which is when the potato arrived from America to the tables of the Spanish capital. Here are some recommendations for this simple yet complex dish known as tortilla that, like everything, has its different ways of preparation for every taste and preference. With a runny egg? With onion? Simple or with green pepper?

At La Latina, in the Cava Baja, is Juanalaloca, with a Spanish tortilla with onion that has been defined in different reviews as “truly spectacular”. Those who like it with a runny egg will particularly like this one which is a far cry from the known “brick”, which is the thick one that is unfortunately present in many Spanish bars and homes.

On Calle Espronceda, at the metro stop Alfonso Cano, we find Bar Sylkar, famous for the different kinds of omelette that keep coming out of the kitchen non stop. They have the classic one, with or without onion, which can then be combined with other house specialities, such as croquettes, soup or ox tail.

They are matched in quality by those of Txirimiri, a chain of three restaurants in Madrid (General Díaz Porlier, 91; Calle del Humilladero, 6; and Ferraz, 38), whose owner boasts about being one of the biggest tortilla experts in the city. In fact, he used to work in the aforementioned Juanalaloca, where he established his omelette teaching before founding these three restaurants where they say he serves some of the best omelettes in Madrid. The most famous one is the one with the caramelised onion on the side. Its only fault is that they do not accept cards.

Lastly, the legendary tavern of La Ardosa, in Malasaña, is famous for offering a delicious omelette. The place, with a traditional tavern decoration, is worth visiting on its own as well as for its beers and different tapas, such as salmorejo., croquettes, mojama and its Iberian ham.

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