Viaje al centro de la China (en Madrid)

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comida china madridEating good Asian food in Madrid can be done. Despite the huge increase of Japanese restaurants, in this brief article we will focus just on Chinese food, not on Vietnamese or Thai.

Let’s start this route at a restaurant that used to gather all the spirit of the most authentic side of China. It was endorsed by the fame that Chinese people ate (and still do) there, which is always a point in their favour. After a renovation, it has endured a facelift and it has lost its previous charismatic aspect of yesteryear, but it is still well worth a visit. Menus in Chinese and delicious dishes like the noodle soup (with vegetables, seafood, meat) will take your breath away, not least because of their low prices.

A trip to the heart of popular China comes with the paradox that we find it in one of Madrid’s neuralgic spots: Plaza de España. To go in, you have to go down the underground car park in this square, which gives this restaurant quite the peculiar and original touch. A tip: go there just before the Spanish “lunch rush hour”, in other words, between 1.30pm and 2pm.

Going up a level or two in terms of quality and cosiness, off the beaten track (Paseo de Extremadura, 30) you can find Don Lay, a restaurant that has an excellent reputation among the biggest Chinese food gourmets. It is not the typical Chinese restaurant with greasy spring rolls but neither is it one of the more sophisticated ones (or more expensive ones), which we will talk about later. They say the dim-sum is delicious, one of the Asian delicacies served in this place with plenty of history behind it, since they opened their doors over thirty years ago.

This is for those who wish to get the ‘popular China’ experience, but for those who are looking for a more elegant and luxurious touch, Asia Gallery is the place for them. Owned by the Madrid-born Roger Chen, it is famous for its Peking duck, although the best option is definitely trying one of the tasting menus on offer, starting at 45 euros.

Different sides of China, from the most popular one to the one we can label ‘middle class’, right to the more exotic and luxurious one, and without leaving Madrid. Most of them, also, are located very close to our hotel by Puerta del Sol.

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