Lo último en hostelería: los multiespacios gastronómicos

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Gastronomía MadridIn a time when the mid-size urban shopping centre seems condemned to extinction, a new concept has arrived: the gastronomic multi-space. We are talking about the latest one to open in Madrid, La Platea, on Calle Goya number 7, at one side of Plaza Colón, which opened its doors last June. It is an ambitious project judging by its numbers: 60 million euros in investment, more than twenty bars with food from around the world and high-level offers like the restaurant of Ramon Freixa (on the upper part) or the Gold Gourmet delicatessen store.

It is a place where you can get dizzy with so much on offer and where we recommend that you begin in the area of El Foso, a large basement with different counters where clients go to place their orders. The procedure is unique: the client places his order and then receives a gadget that, once the food is ready, stats to make a sound and light up, which means that you can now pick up your tray with your order ready. You can choose between Japanese, Mexican and Italian food, with tasty and tender ribs that cost 7 euros for a 3-piece ration, among other proposals.

However, be careful with the prices: a beer costs 3 euros and a large one 4 and in the Japanese area you can endure a (nasty) surprise. Taking into account that at the end of the day it is a self-service, some may judge it to be excessive.

On street level you can find the level known as Patio, also with different stalls and shops and on the upper level is Arriba, the restaurant of Ramon Freixa, which has one Michelin star. On the second floor, there is a floor dedicated to corporate events and on the third one a smoking area.

In La Platea there are many attractions to discover, such as the restaurant managed by Rafael Sánchez, a prestigious sushi man from Madrid, also the owner of Suntory, considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. Now, he is transferring his expertise to this new restaurant,. With an aesthetic inspired in the 1940s and 50s, as well as restaurants there are cake shops (Mamá Framboise), flower shops and gourmet products on sale. It is a great option to lose oneself in its galleries and among the different proposals.

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