Un paseo con encanto otoñal por Madrid

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Otoño RetiroMadrid is a city that does not hide its charm in autumn. It is has to understand why the Spanish royal families from yesterday did not spend winter here and missed out on such attractive seasons like autumn and spring.

El Retiro is a key location in Madrid’s autumn. Created between 1630 and 1640, in the times of king Felipe IV, getting lost around its paths is a pleasure in itself, and you might even come across a squirrel or two. There you can also find the central pond, whose origin was as a stage for simulations of naval battles and nautical shows that the king took part in. Now, you can enjoy a boat ride that is more pleasant than the previous activities that took place there, with prices ranging from 5.80€ to 7.50€, depending on the day of the week it is.

In the Casa de Vacas building, very close to the dock, you can usually find art exhibitions. In this case, until the 30th of October, you can enjoy the work of Marta Gómez de la Serna, author of some of the most realistic still lives that you can find, reminiscent of Antonio López’s work.

From El Retiro, we exit at the gate of the Fallen Angel to go up the Cuesta de Moyano, after saluting the statue of the literary figure of Pío Baroja. On Cuesta de Moyano you can find many bookstalls that sell antiques, second-hand ones or modern issues, with the prices also variable. We then cross Calle Atocha and get to Calle Santa Isabel, location of the Reina Sofía Museum. We can have a bite to eat at El Brillante and try one of its famous deep-fried-squid sandwiches, much juicier and tastier than one could think. However, a large beer can cost up to 4.25€ on the terrace and each sandwich costs 7.00€ (although you can share it).

After, we can enter the Reina Sofía Museum or go up Calle Santa Isabel, where you will come across bars such as La Caña or Tomates Verdes Fritos, and the market of Antón Martín, with interesting offers that are well worth discovering on the ground floor. We come across the Filmoteca, a cinema/film archive, now on Plaza de Antón Martín. Enter Calle León in the magical district of Las Letras.

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to enjoy Madrid. The temperatures are still soft and the city shines in all of its splendour. How about a quick trip to get to know us? We are a comfortable 3-star hotel located in the heart of Madrid, and our prices are affordable for everybody.

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