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FlamencoThere is still a long time until the great flamenco event arrives in Madrid, the Suma Flamenco Festival, although this does not mean that you cannot enjoy this performing art in the city before, because the truth is it never stopped. Traditional tablaos like El Corral de la Morería maintain an excellent programme all year long, with daily sessions that include dinner and show at different times. You can also choose just going to the show alone, and you will get a free drink with your ticket. The show costs approximately 40 euros and the dinner has menus starting at 37 euros plus VAT.

These are shows designed for tourists. They are well organised and somewhat expensive but performing there are professional singers, dancers and guitarists. Such a place would be Cardamomo, one of the city’s classics located at Calle Echegaray. Perhaps because it was mentioned in such a prestigious newspaper like The New York Times or because of a growing demand for it, prices have gone up despite the economic recession. Entrance plus dinner costs 72 euros or just 39 if you want to see the show only.

A more popular local choice is Casa Patas, also a restaurant with a tablao. Although it is more famous for the latter than for the former, you should go and see it for yourself. With an Andalusian flavour in every corner, it offers many shows at a wide range of times, many of them at midnight, so it is an excellent choice for after diner. The prices here vary according to each show, so it is best if you call them or ask by e-mail here.

Lastly, a different and much more affordable option in a casual atmosphere. Flamenco en el Barco costs 10 euros (drink included) and it opens every Sunday at 9.30pm at Sala Barco, a famous club in Malasaña that lends one of its small rooms to this performing art every week.

There are many options to enjoy flamenco around our hotel. If you are a fan and you would like to come to Madrid to enjoy it, Hotel Victoria 4 -a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol- is one of your best options.

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