No te pierdas en el Kilómetro Cero

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Kilómetro_cero,_Madrid“Kilómetro Cero, breathes in the city centre the soul that is lost when it escapes”. These are the words of singer/songwriter Ismael Serrano, not exempt of melancholy, dedicated to this central point in Spain, called the “Kilometer Zero” because it is the starting point of all of Spain’s roads. Located in front of the Casa de Correos in the Puerta del Sol, a plaque on the floor has reminded locals and tourists of its central-city status since 1950.

Starting from this emblematic point, the visitor comes across a wide range of bars and restaurants, of which today we’ll try and set apart the best from the rest. The first thing to do is have a walk around the two liveliest streets in the area: Calle Espoz y Mina and Calle Victoria (where Hotel Victoria 4 is located). In the latter is where we can find Xabreiro, a restaurant that is not famous among the masses but it is definitely one of the most authentic ones in the area. The owner, known as Murphy to his friends, prepares impeccable paellas that you can finish off with a homemade herbal liqueur.

Right in front of our hotel is La Fontana de Oro, a legendary local cafe that was a source of inspiration to Galdós for his homonymous work. Nowadays it is an English pub with giant screens to watch sport but the size of the place, its large variety of beers and the absence of noise make it a good place to enjoy a nice pint of beer ahead of the other tourist pubs in the area. Also, and even though sometimes it is filled with foreign students, we have to admit that O’Neill’s Irish Pub (Calle del Príncipe, 12) is spectacular for its huge size and the amount of little corners that it has.

Pasaje Matheu, which communicates with both streets and is where our sister hostel Hostal Matheu is, has a special charm, a Spanish charm, with little flags hanging in the air in spring. El Rocío is a place you must visit, since they say they offer the best mussels in Madrid, especially the tigre version of them (in breadcrumbs). Also advisable is to wander around Calle Barcelona, with places where you can have some delicious tapas before heading to Plaza del Ángel for a coffee at the charismatic Café Central, right in the heart of the city.

Foto: David Abián via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC 4.0.

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