¿Qué pasa en la calle Ponzano?

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Ponzano - Sala de despieceIt is present in the leisure and gastronomy guides, everyone is talking about it and some even call it the “gastrostreet” due to the large amount of bars, restaurants and also shops. Located in the heart of the Chamberí district, Calle Ponzano stands out for its legendary tapas, the queen of Spanish gastronomy. In La Contraseña, somewhat of a worn-out novelty in the area, you can enjoy conventional meals but with a bar filled with delicious pintxos.

Write this name down too: Lambuzo. Located next to the aforementioned La Contraseña, at number 8, this is where the culinary spirit of Cadiz gathers with all of its splendour. Fried anemones, tuna, deep-fried fish and seafood, mojama in olive oil and delicious regional wines are just some of the things that you can order here.

Slightly more ground breaking is Sala de Despiece, with an avant-garde decoration whose ceiling is populated with coloured windows. Here you can sample different types of meat and fish, with specialities such as the coconut ceviche, a dish that is growing in popularity. We recommend that you go there outside the busiest times, such as weekends, because the place is small and it fills up easily.

There is no lack of seafood on this street, with classic places like O’Conxuro at number 30, a Galician restaurant that is quite popular amongst clients in the area. You can also try La Parroquia de Pablo, owned by Pablo from Zamora, who serves fantastic seafood dishes like small crabs, shrimps, clams…

And we finish our tour at Fide, although perhaps it is more of a bar to start the evening at due to its famous beers. With a classic local decoration and a marble bar, this place is filled with preserved seafood that you can see on the heavily stacked shelves. An authentic place like many others in this pleasant street located in the district of Chamberí.

A good option to enjoy tapas in Madrid. From Hotel Victoria 4 you can easily get to this area by taking Line 1 of the metro at Sol station.

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