El segundo museo de Madrid

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Museo San FernandoThe Prado Museum, which will be 200 years old in 2019, has often been the star that eclipses other good museums in the city, such as the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts, considered by many as the second most important museum in Madrid. A few yards from our hotel by the Puerta del Sol (Calle Alcalá, 13), this institution was born in the Enlightenment era and some of the most important artists in Spanish art history learned their trade there, such as Salvador Dalí or Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

It has a permanent exhibition with works by artists such as Zurbarán, Luis Paret, Sorolla or Julio Romero de Torres, as well as paintings by more contemporary artists such as Juan Gris, the aforementioned Picasso or Rafael Canoga. It also possesses an important collection of paintings by Francisco de Goya, with no fewer than 13 of them carried out by the Aragonese master, among them the famous The Burial of the Sardine.

A total of 59 rooms hold more than 1,400 paintings on their walls, as well as different sculptures and sketches, many of them coming from former students of this Royal Academy that deserves more recognition from locals and tourists in general.

As well as its valuable funds, they also organise interesting temporary exhibitions, like the one you can see until February 1st called Richard Ford. Travels around Spain (1830-1833). Focused on the figure of the famous English hispanist, the exhibition shows the legacy of drawings that Ford included in his work Handbook for travellers in Spain and readers at home, an essential book of reference in the travel-writing genre.

The idea of this exhibition is to recreate the routes of this travelling pioneer who travelled throughout the whole Iberian Peninsula with only his mere ethnographic and cultural knowledge, including the Silver Route to get to Santiago de Compostela. An interesting way of getting to know Spain for just 3 euros.


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