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cerveza en Madrid

Although it may seem the opposite due to the fantastic D.O. wines that we have, Spain is a country that consumes more beer than wine. There is a beer culture that is constantly searching for a variety after being submitted for many years to the duopoly of Mahou and Cruzcampo. And so, in Madrid we can find many places who are dedicated to beer, such as Fábrica Maravillas, who make their own beer in the bar itself, a beer that tastes of previous times, times without preservatives and serial production.

Try the Malasaña Ale, blonde, soft and malty thanks to its rye; or FL(ipa), an IPA blonde with plenty of hop that gives it a special sourness. Its makers say that its beers are highly addictive, and you can try them all on Calle Valverde, 29, a must even for refined beer fans.

Another place to try some nice beer is Irreale, on Calle Manuela Malasaña, 20, which has no fewer than 9 taps dedicated to craft beer, many of them local but also Belgian, Italian and Norwegian. This bar has a classic flavour to it, which reminisces of a 19th-century tavern, ideal for a personal beer-tasting session at your own pace. Make sure you take into account the suggestions on the blackboard.

El Pedal, at the end of Calle Argumosa in Lavapiés, is a simple place with an excellent selection of Spanish and international beers, among which we highlight the famous Dougall’s from Cantabria, which is served on tap. Every now and then they organise beer tastings, as they do in Más Que Cervezas, on Calle del León, 32.

This guide could not go without a mention of Oldenburg, on Calle Hartzenbusch, 12, on the corner of Calle Cardenal Cisneros. Oldenburg has perhaps the most extensive beer menu, nay catalogue, in the city, with over 200 varieties. A great call is to order a Triple TeDeum with some of its juicy sausages with sauerkraut.

If the place is too full, something common due to its small size, in front there is an excellent alternative: Kloster. Two floors and a rich beer menu, of which we recommend Erdinger, light and with personality, served in its stunning glass that resembles the World Cup trophy.

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