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Casa MingoThe oldest and perhaps the most traditional cider bar in Madrid is Casa Mingo, close to Casa de Campo. It is famous for offering the most delicious homemade cider in Madrid, which has turned it into a popular spot for visitors. Located on Paseo de la Florida, 34 -don’t forget to visit the chapel of San Antonio de la Florida and its Goya frescoes afterwards-, it’s worth visiting for its atmosphere and the place itself, but don’t expect fine cuisine there. Sometimes, the food is just an excuse to meet with friends and, in this case, except for its cider, the food such as roast chicken and cider chorizo are just that, roast chicken and cider chorizo.

There are Asturias-inspired cider bars and also Basque ones. One of the latter is Sagaretxe, on Calle Eloy Gonzalo, 26. Of course, all of them have the classic kupelas, large barrels filled with cider that will accompany the excellent menu that they serve, made up of traditional dishes such as black beans of Tolosa and different fish dishes that will make you feel like if you are in the Basque country. Its pork sirloin steak with Idiazabal cheese is quite simply delicious, as is the legendary txuletón (rib eye steak), which you can top off with desserts like the sweet canutillos (custard-filled rolls) or ricotta cheese with honey and nuts. Not suitable for those on a diet.

One last recommendation: Zerain, on Calle Quevedo, 3, in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras. Similar to Sagaretxe, it also has kupelas where clients can pour themselves glasses of Zapiain cider. It is a restaurant that is suitable for groups and large dinners, whether it is with friends or informal ones, Basque style with your group of friends. It has a cider house menu that costs 40 euros, with classic Basque-Navarre dishes such as pintxos of txistorra (spicy sausage), cod omelette, haddock and a 28 oz. rib eye steak for 2 people.

We then recommend that you enjoy a siesta after such a treat and what better way to do it than in the centre of Madrid, next to the Puerta del Sol in the comfortable rooms in our hotel. Enjoy your food!

Photo: Tamorlan via Wikimedia Commons. Licence CC 3.0

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