Una tarde diferente en el Retiro

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retiro parque madridEl Retiro is Madrid’s version of Central Park, a must-see especially in spring and even more particularly in late Mayo, with the atmosphere that comes with the book fair, La Feria del Libro. El Retiro has many other attractions than just the mere scenic ones, such as its own Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal), a building that is worth seeing just for its appearance although, nowadays, its interior is also worthy of a visit since it began hosting exhibitions, like Federico Guzmán’s Tuiza, The cultures of the haima.

The Seville-born artist, who has strong links with the Sahara, poses a dialogue between the peculiar building and the Saharan structure par excellence: the haima (Bedouin tent). It is a unique view of the haima, since Guzmán made it from melfhas, which is the traditional garment worn by Saharan women, creating an ensemble of great colour and visual strength.

And from one palace to another, as we go from the Palacio de Cristal to Velázquez’s Palace, both part of the Reina Sofía Museum, which places exhibitions in these spaces in accordance with the surrounding area. One of them you can visit from May 5th and is called Carl Andre: Sculpture as a Place, 1958-2010. Born in Massachusetts in 1935, Andre is a representative of minimalist art, related to land art and conceptual art. The exhibition presents sculptures but also texts and collages and a collection of objects that are represented as a joke towards Marcel Duchamp’s art, with materials spread around this space in El Retiro and the Sabatini building. Entrance to Palacio de Velázquez is free and it is open daily in spring and summer from 10.00am until 10.00pm.

You can also visit two other cultural centres inside the park. One of them is Casa de Vacas, at the part of the park nearest to Puerta de Alcalá; the other is the Fernando Trías library, which holds talks and literary presentations, especially during the Feria del Libro book fair.

Lastly, there is always mere contemplation and the noble art of strolling, especially around walks like Paseo de las Estatuas, a walk with monuments dedicated to Spanish monarchs, made by order of King Fernando VI to decorate the Palacio Real. The rest, is best for you to discover by yourself.

Make the most and visit El Retiro when you stay at Hotel Victoria 4 in Madrid center. We are just a 20-minute walk away or 3 metro stops on Line 2 from Madrid’s most representative park.

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