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BiciMADTwo wheels are in fashion in the Spanish capital, especially after the City Council installed the BiciMad network, which allows you to rent bicycles with an engine (ideal for hot summer days) at reasonable prices and at any time. There are two ways of using them: with an annual subscription that costs 25 euros or with a one-off payment that corresponds to the fraction of time that you have used it for. You can also use the temporary card, at a higher price than the annual subscription, which costs 2 euros for the first hour or fraction (and 4€ for the second hour or fraction).

The bicycle can be used to get from one place to another but also to enjoy nice strolls around places like Madrid Río or Casa de Campo or in El Retiro and other parks, such as Parque del Oeste, one of the more secluded gardens in the city and that is not as busy as El Retiro. The many bicycle stations set up around the city mean that using BiciMad is very easy, since you don’t have to leave the bicycle where you picked it up. Soon, BiciMad will allow for interaction of users with a virtual meeting point that will offer information on routes, events and activities.

There are other alternatives to BiciMad, especially if you are looking for a classic bicycle that does not include an engine. At Matadero Madrid you can find Mobeo Smart Transport, a service that offers traditional Dutch-style bicycles as well as motorized bicycles. It is an excellent option to visit the Matadero facilities (Casa del Lector, Naves del Matadero, Cineteca exhibition rooms) and then go for a pleasant ride around Madrid Río. You can get there by metro (Legazpi, Line 3) in no time at all.

For those looking for a greener and broader experience, you can go to Parque Juan Carlos I, close to the airport and the Real Madrid training complex. It is one of the city’s largest natural spaces and it has a bicycle rental shop.

It is a new alternative for discovering Madrid that you can find in the many BiciMad stations, very close to our hotel by Puerta del Sol.

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