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terrazas madridSummer and terraces go hand in hand in Madrid. They are two inseparable items that have encountered an ever-increasing specialised and demanding client, reaching levels that border specialisation and perhaps even theory. To summarise, you can find all kinds of terraces that will suit everyone’s needs. Here are some examples.

If you want to have a delicious tapa with your beer, Bodegas Rossell and their famous cod pincho -among other specialities- are an excellent option. Inside you can see that it’s a traditional restaurant yet not an old and stale one. Its menu has also adapted to the ages and it includes delicious options such as salmon tartar, for example. It’s best if you go there during the week, when there is less people. Find it on Calle Lacy, 14, close to Atocha station and El Retiro.

At Korgui you can find a terrace that goes beyond the classic scenario of metal table and a beer on top of it with a plate of olives next to it. Located in the heart of the Habsburg district of Madrid, known as El Madrid de los Austrias, it enjoys a privileged view of the Madrid viaduct and stunning sunsets. It is ideal to go there for a drink, for a few beers or for dinner. They have salads, tapas and informal dishes at prices that do not exceed 10 euros per dish. Find it at Calle Rollo, 8.

If you want to read a book in peace and quiet, we recommend the terrace that the restaurant Brida has set up. Previously known as Bon Vivant, it is a restaurant that has been managed with all the tender loving care that you can only find in a district like Chueca. If you get hungry after a nice afternoon of reading, you can try its roast beef on toasted bread (tostas) or its burrata salads, among other specialities. It is located on Calle San Gregorio, 8.

If you would like to have breakfast in the sun, you will like the relatively unknown terrace of the Institute Français, which is a surprise due to is charm. It is a lovely little place with teak chairs and an inevitable French touch that you will love. However, please note that they close the first two weeks of August. It opens at 8.00am, something quite uncommon for this type of place in a city with lax timetables, and closes at 8.00pm, serving meals and snacks during that time.

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