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karaoke“What will happen? What stories will take place? It may be my great night…”. This chorus by the famous Spanish singer Raphael is one of the most popular songs in one of Madrid’s most popular karaoke bars, Máster Plató (although everyone knows it as “the karaoke of Mostenses”, since it is located on Plaza Mostenses). It is a slightly complicated location with a somewhat unglamourous access (the ground floor of a car park), although it is a fun place to go to and you are likely to bump into a celebrity every now and then.

Its central location, at the end of Gran Vía next to Plaza de España, and its tacky and kitsch atmosphere makes it a favourite for those who enjoy something a little bit funky. However, careful with the drinks you order since most of them are bottom-shelf spirits, so stick to the beer. Also, it is best to go during the week, since it’s hard to get hold of the microphone on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed from the 16th to the 24th of August.

Another karaoke that has many fans is Karaoke Marfil, with 15 years of experience behind it and the commitment of being much more than just a simple karaoke bar. For this, they have a huge songbook and they boast about being the karaoke bar with the most songs in English. They try to get away from Spanish karaoke clichés from singers of times gone by, although they do not fall into the hipster trap. Find it at Calle Modesto Lafuente, 63 (Metro Nuevos Ministerios or Alonso Cano) and enjoy a different kind of night. Nearby is Sala Madrid Dakar (Calle Maudes, 41), a gig venue that you can go to afterwards and finish off the night by singing different kinds of karaoke.

If you go back to the Gran Vía area, it’s worth visiting Brindis (Calle Tres Cruces, 8), under Chinese management and enjoying a high level of cleanliness and good organisation at its tables. On days when they are less busy, they sometimes offer some free pizza, a nice touch, no doubt about it. Its location in the heart of Madrid makes it a great option at any time. You don’t have to go there and spend all night there but rather go there as a stop between dinner and a club, such as Wurlitzer Ballroom, located right in front, one of Madrid’s temples of garage rock.

This is a great plan to enjoy Madrid’s nightlife. Stay in our 3-star hotel in Madrid and you will be close to everywhere you want to go.


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