¿Cómo vivían los neandertales?

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Valle de los Neandertales

If you fancy trying something different outside Madrid, we suggest a day trip to Pinilla del Valle, a place of great natural interest in the heart of the valley of Lozoya, which has a new element of interest since last September 26th: the Valley of Neanderthals, an archaeological park that aspires to be a reference in the diffusion of prehistoric life after the findings that emerged in excavations carried out in the last few decades.

For 200,000 years, this area was occupied uninterruptedly by human settlements, part of which was ‘Lozoya’, a girl whose remains were recently discovered, remains that date from 40,000 years ago in this ancient soil. Don’t miss out on the free guided tours that will take place until January 2016, which you can go on by filling in this booking form.

Discovered in 1979, the Pinilla del Valle archaeological site is considered one of the richest in Spain, and the area of Los Calveros was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the archaeological category. Closed to the public since then, its recent opening is a small achievement that must be enjoyed before the place becomes a mass pilgrimage site on Sundays.

Aside from archaeology, the setting offers other points of interest, such as the town itself, a highlight of which is the hydraulic mill of El Navazo, recently renovated and which preserves its old machinery from the 18th century. Having been working until 1971, it can be visited by advance booking through the town council.

Another point of interest is the Pinilla reservoir and its interesting hiking route around it. It has a viewpoint and a path with benches as well as two restaurants: La Cañada and El Corralón, located in strategic spots so you can admire the beauty of the landscape while you enjoy some traditional cuisine. The latter is a renovated barn with chimney, two floors and excellent reviews from clients.

The Valley of Lozoya is one of Madrid’s most beautiful natural spots. It is located just over an hour away by car north of the city. Enjoy a day trip to this privileged natural spot while staying in our 3-star hotel in Madrid.

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