El mejor cine de todos los tiempos, en la Filmoteca

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It is a much beloved building, a peculiar one, located on Calle Santa Isabel, one of the liveliest ones with permission from the nearby ones of Calle León and Calle Antón Martín. It also has a bar inside and a store inside that sells movie items. Also known as Cine Doré, La Filmoteca of Madrid is much more than just a cinema. It is a luxury that everyone should enjoy very close to our hotel in the centre of Madrid.

Aside from the film Festival, that takes place this year from the 3rd until the 5th of November, with all the usual discounts and promotions, you could say that every day is a film festival at La Filmoteca, thanks to its tickets for 2.50 euros and its highly interesting programme. However, one should avoid the prejudice that it only screens cult movies for hipsters, since they also have movies for the general public, such as Back to the Future II, on October 24th at 5.30pm; or films that won Goya awards such as No todo es vigilia, a Spanish-Colombian documentary about the drama of being an old man without resources to pay for a home. It will be screened on Saturday October 31st at 9.30pm.

What is true, though, and hence its value as a film institution that dependant on the Ministry of Culture, that it screens movies of great value, small audiovisual gems. One example is Moana with Sound by Robert Flaherty, known for being the author of the first documentary film in history Nanook the eskimo. It was precisely after that film when Moana was shot, showing the exotic life of the inhabitants of the Savai’l Islands from the Southern Seas. Attendants to the screening, on Friday 30th at 7.30pm, will be joined by Bruce Posner, expert in Flaherty’s work.

Check the October programme here and check out the November screenings on their website. On weekends, there may be some queues so it is preferable to buy tickets in advance, although there are no such problems on weekdays

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