Una de churros y chocolate bien caliente y espeso

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In Madrid, both churros and porras (the larger version of the churro, the famous deep-fried dough sticks) are a regular feature for breakfast. They are especially good when you have them with a cup of hot chocolate, although not all locals feel that it is mandatory. It is, however, for bars like La Austríaca, on Calle San Onofre, 3, (perpendicular to Fuencarral), where they serve the best value-for-money hot chocolate in the whole of Madrid. They serve you a full cup of it in its thick and creamy greatness. Make sure you try it.

A five-minute walk from there, in a more chic and sophisticated atmosphere, is Cacao Sampaka, which will fulfil the expectations of all chocolate lovers in any of its shapes or forms. In the shop, they sell many different kinds of cocoa in modern, clean and attractive wrappings that bring even more elegance to this adult pleasure. However, make sure you try its hot chocolate, either the Classic or the Azteco, the latter with a slight bitter twist, accompanied by some exquisite pastries. Find it on Calle Orellana, 4.

Nevertheless, the true mecca of hot chocolate and churros in Madrid is Chocolatería San Ginés, on the homonymous street next to Calle Arenal and a few hundred yards away from our central 3-star hotel. It is part of Madrid’s purest tradition and, aware of this, they serve hundreds of people every day and still preserve their quality despite their huge success. During the cold months, they also put heaters so that you can enjoy this sweet tradition without getting pneumonia. Known as The Modernist Bakery in Ramón del Valle Inclán’s famous work Bohemian Lights, there are many tales and anecdotes that surround this place. We recommend that you visit it in the morning in order to enjoy a more efficient service, because it can get really busy on Sunday afternoons, although the service is still notably agile. Prices are approximately 3-5€ per person.

Also in the heart of the city and with considerable tradition is Los Artesanos, one of Madrid’s most famous places that makes churros and hot chocolate, having been doing so since 1902.

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