Discover the Holy Week in Madrid
Discover the Holy Week in Madrid
Discover the Holy Week in Madrid: plans that you can’t miss.

What you can’t miss of the Holy Week in Madrid

From Hotel Victoria 4, in Madrid, we offer many plans to enjoy an especial Holy Week in Madrid. One of the good things about Madrid is that despite you only having four days to tour it, there is time to go back home with the sensation to have seen almost everything, or at least the most important things. That is why we lend you a hand with a plan of different things to do during the Holy Week in Madrid.

Are you prepared? Here are some options that this city offers to have unforgettable days, that you will come back to repeat!

If you are devoted to Holy Week in Madrid or just you are interested to discover this side of the city, you can assist with the different processions that run through its streets. Full of drum sounds and trumpets typical of the Holy Week, also full of coloured costumes of the people of the brotherhood, this is characteristic of the festivity. Thanks to the processions, you will also discover tiny streets in the centre of Madrid. Remember that the most representatives are those of the Holy Thursday and Friday

Madrid counts on numerous museums that offer impressive expositions during the year, there are many, so it’s probably that you have to visit them again. But, for now, we tell you a selection:

” Picasso: Rostros y figuras”, at Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, just 6 minutes walking from the hotel.
”Vida y obra de Frida Kahlo'', at Teatro Instante
“Las cosas de mis abuelos'', at Legazpi
“La edad dichosa. La infancia según Sorolla” , at Museo Sorolla, located in the house where the painter lived a long time.

And, of course, don’t forget to go to Museo del Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen!

Madrid is full of music. The concert halls, big clubs, bars… Also, you can go to the concerts organized by churches and auditoriums typical of Madrid’s Holy Week. There are ideal days to enjoy a concert. This is the selection we suggest:

Symphonic Orchestra of Radio Viena, in Charmatín (18th, March)
The mortgage boy (18th, March)
Marlon (19th, March)

Besides, you can end your cultural day visiting Café Varela, famous for being one of the literary with more history and art in Madrid.

El Rastro
Do you know Madrid and haven’t visited El Rastro? It can’t be possible! Visit one of the most iconic places of Madrid, its heterogeneous market. All that you are looking for, you’ll find there. Besides, you can finish having some drinks at the modern Barrio de la latina.

Madrid’s gastronomy
Don’t forget that Madrid is well-known for its Torrijas Madrileñas, typical of the Hoy Week, also you have to taste squid sandwiches, Madrid stew, and of course, a latte at Plaza Mayor. Besides, you will have the possibility to taste Madrid’s avant-garde cuisine at the restaurant Taberna la Carmela, next to Hotel Victoria 4.

Don’t doubt and reserve now one of our rooms at Hotel Victoria 4, in Puerta del Sol, come and enjoy these great plans of the Madrid’s Holy Week! From the hotel, we offer a whole variety of rooms and services, besides an exceptional location, just 2 minutes from Puerta del Sol.