Get to know the historic markets of Madrid
Get to know the historic markets of Madrid
Route through the historic markets of Madrid: everything you need to know to enjoy them.
Madrid's historic markets are more than just stalls. They are at the epicenter of social relations, culture and gastronomy. An easy way to get into the purest essence the city, enjoying going back to our origins buying local products, with the advantage of being able to stop for a drink in an area characterized by that atmosphere and joy that is breathed in the capital. Without a doubt, the visit to the historic markets of Madrid is an experience that you must get if you come to know the city.

If you love walking the streets and discovering new things, getting lost in the city and enjoying gastronomy in a different way, the historic markets of Madrid are the best example of this. Hotel Victoria 4, located next to the emblematic Puerta del Sol square, is the perfect starting point to visit them, where its fantastic rooms and services will make your stay in Madrid unbeatable.

Route through the three best historical markets in Madrid

Motor market
Leaving Hotel Victoria 4, the market is just a pleasant walk down Lavapiés street. It is a market where you can enjoy the cultural and gastronomic wealth of this neighbourhood, where once a month it brings together designers, artisans, artists and musicians to offer one of the most original experiences in Madrid.

An iconic place where you will find yourself surrounded by wonderful old trains, and you can spend the whole day in if you want, since you will find numerous places to eat, music, dance, entertainment and the best artisans in Madrid, so you can take home a souvenir . We recommend you check on the market website the day of the month on which it will be carried out.

The trail
It is the best known and, without a doubt, one of the historical markets in Madrid that you cannot miss. Every Sunday and almost every holiday, you can enjoy this market that takes place in the popular neighbourhood of La Latina. With more than 400 years of history, in the Rastro you can find fashion, crafts and antiques.

Thousands of people gather in this colourful corner every Sunday, creating a familiar and relaxed atmosphere in which you will discover the gastronomy of this picturesque neighbourhood. As a curiosity, in the Rastro there are specialized shopping areas, such as the street of the painters, characterized by offering great works of art; or Calle del Carnero and Calle de Carlos Arniches, specializing in the sale of old books.

Slope of Moyano
Reader's paradise. Next to the Retiro Park, and just 1.5 km from Hotel Victoria 4, is this pedestrian street known as Cuesta de Moyano, adorned with a permanent fair full of booksellers' booths open every day of the week. This fair, which is almost 100 years old, offers readers the possibility of searching for those books that they would not find in any other bookshop. In addition, all the booths have their peculiarity, finding some with a unique theme and others specialized in different types of literature.

Each stand has a different schedule, but we recommend you go in the middle of the afternoon to enjoy this market to the fullest.

Now that Christmas is approaching, wouldn't you like to take advantage of your holidays to come and see the historic markets of Madrid? We are sure that you will love them, which is why we encourage you to book your room at Hotel Victoria 4 now and spend your holidays enjoying the best services in the heart of Madrid, from where you can easily get around the city without needing to use transportation.