Live the festivities of May 2nd in Madrid
Live the festivities of May 2nd in Madrid


A very special day is approaching for Madrid’s people, May 2nd in Madrid, in which the history of the city takes centre stage to commemorate a very important event.

The Second of May is a unique date for the Community of Madrid: The commemoration of the uprising of 1808, when Madrid’s people rose against the French occupation. In the following post, we offer you different ways to experience the celebration of May 2nd in Madrid. Are you ready? Go ahead!

May 2 in Madrid, a centenary party

This year 2022, the festivity will be from Friday, April 29th to Monday, May 2nd. The great protagonist of this celebration is the alternative Malasaña neighbourhood, where activities are organized, such as: children's, theatre, exhibitions, dance classes, workshops, parades, gastronomy, sports... There is something for everyone!

Next, we leave you a list with the following activities that the city of Madrid offers, for these special days.

Vistillas Gardens. The night of May 1st begins the festival. In this place you can see the huge fireworks that give the atmosphere a festive touch.

Cemetery of Dos de Mayo Heroes. This place is almost always closed, but the weekend of Dos de Mayo is open for anyone who wants to visit it.

Museums. These days, Prado Museum and the Royal Palace have deals for those interested in strolling through the huge halls of the museums and appreciating the best art in the city. If you go, don't forget that Prado Museum hosts the wonderful works of the painter Francisco de Goya, The Fight with the Mamelukes and The Shootings on the Mountain of Príncipe Pío. In addition, the museum offers guided tours for families.

Concerts. Live the music in these festive days. There are many concerts that take place in the different neighbourhoods of Madrid, but if you want to be proactive, take a look at the musical agenda that Madrid offers on those days.

Puerta del Sol. As you walk through this popular area, you will see the plaque that commemorates the famous Dos de Mayo of 1808. Madrid's authorities always adorn this plaque with a laurel wreath as part of the celebrations.

Goya route. We suggest you take this route to discover the places where the painter Francisco de Goya lived. One of the most interesting points is his tomb: the hermitage of San Antonio de La Florida.

Military Parade. The culmination of this celebration is always the military parade that takes place in Plaza Puerta del Sol and Plaza Dos de Mayo.

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