Family tourism in Madrid
Family tourism in Madrid
Family tourism in Madrid: what to do with the whole family

Travel to Madrid with the whole family

Madrid is one of the best cities for travelling as a family. And it is that travelling with children is to discover the city in a different way and from another point of view. Therefore, now you can discover how to do family tourism in Madrid.

From Hotel Victoria 4 in Madrid we propose various activities that arouse the little one's interest. And for this, without a doubt, Spain’s capital is the ideal place for tourism of all kinds, whether cultural, shopping, gastronomic, etc. Wherever you go, Madrid is a city to not get bored, much less if you do it as a family. Madrid is the perfect city to visit with family.

Amusement parks, museums and activities for the whole family

Warner Park is one of the tourist attractions that Madrid offers and is very successful when travelling with the family. It will be the cartoon characters who welcome you. The park consists not only of vertigo attractions, but also very entertaining shows for all ages. Scooby-Doo's Haunted House Adventure is highly recommended.

A unique place that the little ones love is the Lego Pieces Expo. This exhibition is for those Lego fans. The models of the Titanic, the statue of Bear and the Strawberry Tree, The Taj Mahal, the Roman Forum... Without a doubt a very fun exhibition to enjoy with family, are impressive.

The Railway Museum is an ideal plan to enjoy leisure with children. It offers the possibility to see numerous models, see a play and even get on the old railway carriages and discover what the past trains were like. In addition, the museum offers various activities for the little ones.

Animals are children's best friends and for this, we suggest you visit Faunia, a large theme park full of nature. You can visit the jungle, the poles, or the desert. You will find all kinds of animals, from goats and donkeys to iguanas and crocodiles. It has a wide repertoire of leisure activities for the little ones.

If you want to tour Retiro Park in a different way so that your children can enjoy it as best as possible, rent a bicycle and start your adventure. This space located in the heart of Madrid, has more than 125 hectares to be visited. In addition, you can also take a boat ride if you get tired of the wheels. The Madrid City Council offers the BiciMad service that allows you to cross the park from top to bottom in a totally safe way.

Prado Museum is, without a doubt, a must-see for families. In it, children will not only be able to learn about art, but they will also enjoy the best painting. If you think they are going to get tired, we recommend that you go directly to see the works that most fascinate them, such as Las Meninas or Surrender of Breda, both by Velázquez, Las majas and the executions by Goya, the Jardín de las Delícias by El Bosco or Dürer's self-portrait.

If you already have it clear, come and book one of our rooms at Hotel Victoria 4 in Madrid and enjoy your stay in the best company. Start your family adventure!