Fitur returns in 2023 and with it, trips
Fitur returns in 2023 and with it, trips
Learn everything about Fitur 2023, the most important tourism fair in the world.
The International Tourism Fair, Fitur, returns this 2023 with many novelties but, above all, with hope. Because trips are back and tourist demand is increasing, that's why at Hotel Victoria 4 we don't stop innovating, because we want your getaways to Madrid to meet everything you're looking for. For example, convenience, comfort and a good location if you are going to attend Fitur 2023 this year, the most important tourism fair in the world.

Fitur is the global meeting point for tourism professionals and travellers, and is one of the most anticipated events in Madrid this 2023. Hotel Victoria 4, located in the heart of Madrid next to the emblematic Puerta del Sol square, is the ideal accommodation if you come to see the city and want to attend Fitur 2023 on January 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, since it is very well connected to IFEMA, the center where the fair will take place, with different metro lines and bus.

All about Fitur 2023: the most important tourism fair in the world

Fitur is a meeting point both for professionals who want to make contacts, find out about current trends or promote their brands, as well as for travellers who want to discover destinations and explore new horizons. What areas will be covered this 2023 Fitur?

This area will deal with four debate forums on the present and future of technology, business, destinations and sustainability.

"Blue tourism" is one of the innovations in the sector in the generation of experiences, in sustainability models and in the reinforcement of competitiveness and profitability. In 2023, it will expand its field of action and will cover the professional field as well as the general public.

Fitur LGBT+
Fitur 2023 will also promote a "reference sector, seasonally adjusted and with a high purchasing power", which encompasses more than 10% of tourists worldwide.

Fitur Know How & Export
In this space, Spanish tourism companies will show their potential, knowledge, services and tourism products to buyers from other international markets.

Fitur Screen
It will treat as a film or television shoot, in addition to its impact on the local economy, it is a powerful tourism promotion tool that facilitates the positioning of the territories.

Fitur Talent
How does the education sector help the tourism industry in the 21st century? The recruitment of new talent is key to the future profitability of the tourism industry, for this reason, this area will talk about the need for companies to have professionals equipped with the best and most complete training, agile people and prepared to interact with the new digital tourist.

Fitur Lingua
It will be a meeting point between the main actors of language tourism.

Fitur Sports
Fitur 2023 also has room for sports tourism in all its facets: training camps, sports holidays, motivated trips.

Get to know Madrid
Fitur opens the door to new trips. What do you think of visiting Madrid this 2023? Travel to the capital this year and stay in the heart of the city at the best price at Hotel Victoria 4. The possibilities that Madrid offers this new year are unlimited: events, monuments, gastronomy, nightlife... Are you going to miss it? Whether you attend Fitur 2023, we are waiting for you in front of Puerta del Sol to offer you the best services and qualities during your stay in Madrid. Which room do you stay in?