Savoir the most typical gastronomy of Madrid
Savoir the most typical gastronomy of Madrid

The Spanish capital is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and it is not surprising. Its dozens of historical monuments, together with endless points of the city that have become iconic for locals and travellers, make it an irresistible city for anyone who dares to visit it.

Even so, it is undeniable that the charm of Madrid is not only its historical and cultural richness, nor its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its pleasant and sociable people. If there is an element that cannot be missing from the equation, this is the typical gastronomy of Madrid, which has established itself as one of the most outstanding in the country.

What typical dishes to eat in Madrid

Madrid stew. Although at first it is not the first dish that goes through our minds in summer, it is an essential in Madrid. What is probably the most representative dish of the city, is prepared with chickpeas, different types of meat and vegetables.

Calamari sandwich. Who has not heard of this peculiar sandwich? You can try it in practically any bar or restaurant in Madrid, since it has established itself as one of the most popular dishes in the city.

Ins and outs. The protagonists of any snacking plan in Madrid are the ins and outs, which are the mesentery of the lamb, that is, the folds that keep the intestines positioned correctly. They are usually eaten either as a sandwich or fried, in paper cones, and reach their greatest prominence during the city's festivities (San Isidro, San Cayetano...). You can't leave without trying them!

Madrid-style tripe. This stew is also usually eaten during the coldest months of the year, but you can taste it at any time. Pork or beef tripe are usually used for this dish, but now there are versions prepared with lamb and even cod.

Churros with chocolate. For dessert time, or even for breakfast or snack, you can't miss the churros or batons with chocolate. It is said that the best place to try them is Chocolatería San Ginés, just a few steps from Puerta del Sol, but the truth is that you can find them on every corner.

French toasts. Finally, and also for the sweet tooth, torrijas are usually eaten at Easter, although they are found in the capital throughout the year. Prepared with bread, milk, cinnamon, oil, eggs and sugar, it is one of the most outstanding pastry dishes in Madrid.

Where to stay in Madrid?

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