Hotel Victoria 4 hotel with history
Hotel Victoria 4 hotel with history
Hotel Victoria 4: hotel and neighbourhood with history

Hotel Victoria 4, a hotel with history, is ready to welcome you as you deserve. It is prepared to welcome any guest who visits the capital either for leisure or business, either individually or accompanied, with friends or with the company.
In any case you are welcome!

A historic location for a hotel with history.

It is a luxury to say that Hotel Victoria 4 is located a few metres from the famous Puerta del Sol. Its location is perfect for those who want to be close to the main symbols of the city, such as El Oso and Madroño, La Casa del Reloj, El Kilómetro Cero or Tío Pepe poster. The hotel is in the tourist and commercial centre of the city, very close to Paseo del Arte, known for its many museums, palaces, gardens and fountains. In addition, it has the proximity of buses, subways, trains or taxis that will allow you to move around the city.

Many are the passers-by who pass through Puerta del Sol every day. Do you know its history? This square was always the central nerve of Madrid. It was one of the entrances that surrounded the city in the 15th-century and in one of the doors was the symbol of a sun, hence the name of the square. The first building to be built took place in the 16th century and is the well-known Casa de Correos. At the beginning of the 19th century it was completely transformed into a square and since then the shops and hotels that surround it have not stopped growing, among them, Hotel Victoria 4, a hotel with history... Finally! Did you know why we eat grapes on New Year's Eve? It seems that the custom was born at the end of the 19th century. It started as a custom of the French aristocracy, having grapes at the end of New Year's Eve dinner. At the end of the century, a group of people from Madrid decided to ridicule the bourgeois custom, going to Puerta del Sol. And that is how it became popular.

Hotel Victoria 4 has seen the passing of many centuries. It was built as a convent under the reign of Catholic Monarchs, in 1561, under the patronage of Our Lady of Victory, who gives its name to the small street where it is located. Milestones in the history of our country have passed through it, such as the War of Independence or the confiscations of Mendizábal, even the Civil War. In 1836 it was demolished and rebuilt in the neoclassical style of the time.

Finally, it was remodeled in 2005 and turned into this fabulous hotel. However, they wanted to maintain the essence of its 16th century structure, with its imposing balconies, and both architectural and decorative neoclassical elements that mix with the avant-garde of the contemporary building, creating a modern environment but with history. It is famous for its elegant entrance to the hotel framed by columns and its modern facilities that mix technology and avant-garde.

If you are thinking of spending a few days in the great capital, do not hesitate and book one of our rooms at Hotel Victoria 4, a hotel with history! A hotel that will not leave you indifferent. You will be able to enjoy the best luxuries that the hotel offers and you will be involved in many centuries of history.