Purgatory Cascades: In this incredible trek to the Purgatory Cascades you will find mountain landscapes from the Pardon Bridge (11 km)

Barranca Valley: Travel 11 km by Barranca Valley, a route for experts.

Del Villar Reservoir: This beautiful route has the objective to make you enjoy the landscape of Del Villar Reservoir. (14 km)

The Schmitdt Way from Navacerrada to Cercedilla: Famous by the hiker Eduard Schmidt, is an ideal route and very recommended for trekking lovers. (5,5 km)

Cancho de los Muertos: Located in the Regional Park Cuenca de Alta Manzanares, is a perfect route for all kinds of hikers (5,5)

Chorrera de San Mamés: Known for its mountain and slopes part, offer journeys for beginners as well as professionals.

La Charca Verde: is one of the longest routes in Madrid (16 km), along the journey you will know the vegetation, fauna of the area, and landscapes worth seeing.

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